the future of love is from the inside out

As a society we’ve been taught to follow an external path towards love, success and happiness. Everyone is being guided to chase something. People are led to automatically follow the protocols dictated by mass society without even understanding them, while also secretly longing for an internal experience of peace and satisfaction that also few have true understanding of. There is a dichotomy between what people truly wish for, and the reality of their actions and life.

Today, there is a shift in consciousness leading people to ask more questions and delve deeper in to understanding the true meaning of their lives and purpose therein.

As a co-owner of a dating site, I read hundreds of profiles from singles all over the world who come to our site in search of love and hope. Their hope is that this time, this site, which is a site based on yoga and creativity, will lead them towards a more hopeful reality of blissful success in the context of love. I feel a huge responsibility to help make this possible.

The first step is by providing an opportunity for greater clarity and self-discovery which helps to reveal an inner truth. Questions are featured that ask singles to disclose their true intention in dating. Questions are also featured that guide people in to creating and expressing new approaches to love and dating. And questions are featured that allow people the opportunity to share a new vision for the world if they had the opportunity to do so.

The responses to these questions provide deep and valuable insight into what people truly aspire towards. The unfortunate part is seeing first hand the gap in between. The gap between what people, and singles, in today’s culture really hope for, and the reality that is.

For one thing, everyone wants to “find love” yet everyone remains single. Singles who are seeking relationship are prevalent everywhere, more than ever. The desire to “form love” is also right there. As I read through these expressive and honest questionnaires daily, I feel disheartened that most people express the same goals, desires and ‘wants’ but can’t seem to connect the dots.

There is a fundamental block occurring on a global level that disconnects people from living their ultimate truth and destiny even while it is seemingly in front of them.

I have been consulting with many “wise” teachers and authors who have been studying the culture of relationship for decades and they reveal to me that a big part of today’s relationship reality is one of “harm attracting harm.” Hurt people are attracting other hurt people and hoping to feel “unhurt.”

Another wise individual stated that our society of relationship is a widespread pool of seemingly the “blind leading the blind.” People have little understanding as to who they are on a fundamental level as well as what is truly realistic to expect from another human being in the context of relationship, life, love and happiness. Yet, everyone wants to jump in to the hope of placing two people, who are seemingly strangers in terms of deep cultural understanding, in each others presence and dialogue daily, which can be potentially feeding fuel to a huge fire. Especially at a time when there is a lack of fundamental knowledge as to the origin of human behavior, instinct and sexuality.

The future of love must lie in knowledge. Knowledge and greater understanding as to what we are actually dealing with and talking about when we speak of a hope for love and relationship. We all need to take the blinders off and go deeper in to the philosophy of understanding the nature of man, and woman, according to traditions past.

Cultivating a process of nurturing each others fundamental characteristics and not hoping to change, or get, according to today’s misguided frame of reference. To want something from a partner that is incapable of providing that wish or desire is a widespread huge misunderstanding.

I recently wrote an article called Return to Love, based on an ‘Enigma’ song entitled Return to Innocence. The video of this song was actually shot in reverse. The message is one of return. Return to who we were before. A return to a place of innocence; of true unpretentious understanding. A place where the origins of another can more readily be taken in to consideration.

Who are we to think we know what our partner is to give to us? Who are we to think we know what we want when we are all operating from a place of limited knowledge. The love of the future to me feels like it should become a silent, more quiet and un-selfish manifestation of organic evolution. Where expectations are completely revisited if not eradicated and true acceptance of what is, dominates.

It takes true emotional health and a capacity for surrender and trust in the universe to guide the process of confusion in the world of relationship today. It also takes a loose rope around our potential partners to allow them to be who they are at this point in evolution, and who they need they think they have to be, while quietly knowing inside that what is true will always come around.

The future of love involves less chatter, less chase, less action on the outside. And an amazing growth process inside. The voice of truth is always within. Do we hear it? Do we want to? Are we ready to?




Ellen is a creatively-inspired writer and entrepreneur. She writes from a deep emotional place within where questions about life integrate with visions of hope and self-proclaimed destiny. She graduated with a Bachelors of Science degree in Journalism from the University of Florida and is now a driven business co-owner of the dating site She dedicates her life to learning about love, and sharing a passionate message that inspires people to push beyond the limits of mainstream understanding. A message of hope lives inside her as a calling and is also infused online through, a progressive and creatively-inspired authentic dating website she co-owns with a partner in hopes to shape change in today’s relationship culture.

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