soul mate or destiny mate

An online love story. The power is in the beholder!

Are you looking for your soul mate or your destiny mate? Do you know the difference?

Soul mates conjure up images from the past. Destiny mates probe in to future. Soul mates seek past life matches with soul-based cultural similarities and identifiable traits. Destiny mates leave space for creativity, possibility and potentiality.

What makes for a stronger bond? That which comes from past recognition or that which comes from future desire? Do you want what you know, or think you know?

Or do you dare to adventure in to what you could know and potentially create?

The culture of love and relationship around us, especially with the onset of online matchmaking services, limits love in to what is perceived to be known. Traditional online relationship seekers check list options from an immediate frame of reference, leaving little to the imagination and actualization of what one has yet to experience.

Love in our wildest dreams implies that love potentially manifests from a dream of the unknown, yet many of us have lost our ability to be courageous, setting forth visions and opening the space where creative energy flourishes.

Creative energy fuels the power of creation. It is responsible for breathing life in to a blank sheet of paper or a formless lump of clay. It encourages superhuman feats of strength. It also says you can create anything you want without limit and preconceived judgment. Creative energy oxygenates the space between our cells that scream for air. Yet few hear its call. It travels in spaces where few dare to journey.

Are you ready for a love story that reads between the lines?  


Ellen WhiteEllen White is a creatively-inspired writer and entrepreneur. She writes from a spirited place within where questions about life integrate with visions of hope and self-imagined destiny. She studied Journalism at University of Florida and is now a driven business owner seeking to share a passionate message in a world currently obscured in creativity, love and vision. She dedicates herself to inspiring people beyond the limits of mainstream understanding, and potentially leading them to probe in to what could be, if only….If only more could dare to imagine that dream where life was filled with grandeur possibility and emotional enrichment. This message is infused virtually online through her business, a progressive and creatively-inspired dating website she co-owns with a partner.


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