Music & Intimacy: Interview with OmSingles co-owner Ellen White

Yogi-Tunes Interview with OmSingles co-owner Ellen White

Music obviously has played a huge role in creating intimacy, but we wanted to get the current take on that story.

The following is an interview with Ellen White, co-owner of, a dating site that encourages emotional, spiritual and physical intimacy:

What is it about the right music that allows us to become more present in the moment? 
Listening to music is one of the best ways to connect to the present moment. This mindfulness should allow us to feel the music, as well as pay attention to the words that an artist took time to profoundly write. We can learn a lot from being truly present while listening to music.

Why does music make it easier to connect with others?
Music allows us to connect to others in a variety of ways from socially, professionally and romantically. It sets the tone and atmosphere from which connection to others follows.

How does that affect our ability to be vulnerable and intimate? 
Through music, we can connect intimately by reducing the need to talk and be distracted, thus allowing a sensory experience to take place that leads to greater vulnerability, trust, shared understanding and intimacy.

What does music provide when it comes to revealing parts of ourselves that otherwise remain hidden?
We can sing, dance, and move, which I believe are highly important physiological sensations. We can release our inhibitions and get lost in the music.

How does rhythm affect sex? 
By getting lost in the music, we can close our eyes and move, sway, emote and feel the moment which definitely helps with sex.

Is there a correlation between the right kind of rhythmic music and how we experience love making?
I think so. I think love making should be a highly emotional and intimate experience with the right kind of meaningful music set in the background. This makes a big difference!

When is music distracting and when does it allow for us to surrender into a deeper space of intimacy?
I think people can use music to distract themselves from mindfulness however I believe the greater purpose of music takes us to an amazing intimate space within ourselves. I get lost listening to music for hours, intensely, and thus feeling the greatest connection to life, love and the deepest part of myself. Yogi Tunes has awesome music that will take you exactly there!

If a person likes one kind of music, and another person likes something else – can they become closer through their different tastes? 
Absolutely. Music should transcend judgment.

If so, what does that say about finding our ideal partner?
Can we fall in love with someone who’s taste and opinions differ from ours? Yes. Connecting to a person on an energetic level also helps us to transcend our differing opinions. Understanding another person is a high level of love and makes it easier to understand why they like different things.

Is our fantasy mate someone who is exactly like us, or someone who compliments us?
I think our fantasy mate complements us on an energetic level and not on a mental level, which means they do not have to be like us. This energetic compatibility allows us to feel free with each other knowing we will not be judged. Anything that takes place on a mental level usually involves judgment. But to connect energetically allows ease, trust and ultimate intimacy on all levels, thus making the perfect complement. 


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“As the co-owner of, we believe approaching love from a creative and open space can be a refreshing new concept for the online industry and also can help open up opportunities in every area of our lives. Our site is always seeking new and expansive methods to unite people in love. Because, truthfully, we know very little about who is “right” for us and where our path to happiness lies. Most of us pursue our relationship paths with specific goals and images in mind. We rarely surrender to the thought that our capacities for love and happiness are much bigger than we ever imagined.

Most online dating sites, especially in the mainstream arena, promote a very limited process for approaching love. A statistic-based system encourages people to plug in a specific list of criteria based on a limited frame of reference. It also promotes a process of instant gratification where people are searching for immediate dating options based on geography and superficiality. While this serves a purpose, it reinforces a pattern that we feel is ready for change and innovation!” — Ellen White

OmSingles strives to ignite a deeper calling for love, capacity and happiness by minimizing statistic-based questions, and expanding upon questions and dialogue that speaks towards people’s visions and deeper intentions. Questions such as “if you could create a new approach to love what would it be” encourage people to think beyond the box and in to a larger realm of possibility. We believe this helps to release deeply held desires about potentials for love helping to manifest them. We probe in to future instead of rewinding past. We like to believe we are creating “Destiny-mates” where two people embark on a path of new open potential versus repetition; creating new stories of vision, rather than recreating scripts.

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