finding happiness in the meantime


By Ellen White

Where we begin and where we end up is hardly the point.

It is all the stuff in the middle.
My greatest realization now is to wake up every day connecting to a life of happiness in the meantime.

My greatest growth now is in realizing that the pursuit of happiness through goals, needs and desires are misunderstood illusions playing tricks on my mind, preventing me from the experience of happiness Right Now.

My greatest inspiration is to wake up now to the tune of happiness in the meantime, dancing in my spirit, producing a new sense of wonder as I move through timeless life.

Taking me to my greatest freedom of accepting the constancy of in the meantime as the only reality there is.

Where I remember the things I think I need today are passing, helping me to ease my disposition and reduce the drive in my mind that seemingly wants more or something else.

To embrace the ever-present state of in the meantime is a new place which replaces the notion that happiness is a condition to get, look or wait for. A false belief that misleads the world to believe in something it doesn’t have and needs to get.

French philosopher Pascal Bruckner argues that we might be happier if we simply abandoned our relentless pursuit of happiness.

My greatest joy now is in retraining my mind to love the meantime, and to finally know what it means to be alive, free and in the journey!

As a child, I prayed that my calling be revealed, but not with expectation and not with a destination. I became an artist because I didn’t know what to do and I thought it was really fun to make things.

This has now led me to a path where I see each day as its own unique and fun gift, where thoughts of when and if slip away. And, where the meantime experience becomes larger, more exciting and satisfying, because how we feel in one context is usually how we feel in every context.

And if being in the middle of our life journey is frustrating or overly challenging, then, so too, will be all of life.

I have wrongfully previously perceived the meantime as an irrelevant, or unfortunate glitch in the system that happens until real life begins. However, I know now that many mystical wonderful lessons can be revealed here.

For example, who we really are. And how we really feel.

They are most exposed in this space.

My evolution now is to re-evaluate the process with its own honor and rewarding experience. For example, today could be all about, and only about, one simple awareness. Imagine the whole day unfolding for one conscious moment and one important life lesson sneaking its way in.

Perhaps today is about discovering the real meaning behind a song.

What a shame to have gone through life frustrated and waiting for happiness to occur… w h e n, because it hit home now that the meantime is the only place that matters. Because if it doesn’t matter here, then where else?

The search and pursuit for pure, natural and unconditional joy has left me drained.

Forcing me to sit with life, on life’s terms. R e l a x i n g my muscles and helping me to understand that in the meantime holds All The Power.

Thus, stopping me in my tracks. As one of the highest levels to reach.

Taking the Rush out of things.

Goals come and go, evolving with time and circumstance, but the meantime never ends.

“It’s just another reason why
It all comes down to you and I
Just have another drink
Waste some time with me
We’re happy in the meantime” ~ Lit, Happy In The Meantime

Tips to achieve Happiness in the Meantime

  • State the following as a daily affirmation: All there is, is in the Meantime.
  • Become excited to connect to happiness in the meantime.
  • Visualize the in-between process of life as a great new place to be.
  • Remove the image of the goal as the ultimate prize.

Very often, we have no idea of what it would feel like if we got exactly what we desired. Usually it is just about the chase.


As previously published on RebelleSociety

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