a new season for love


It’s a new season for love and we are now the writer, creator
and director of its destiny! This reminds me of the lyrics of the
song, “It’s a new dawn…it’s a new day…it’s a new life and I’m
feeling good!” This song is an uplifting portrayal of what our
attitudes should reflect moving forward in our paths towards
greater love and relationship.

As the creative director and co-owner of OmSingles.com, a
unique dating platform for the worldwide yoga community, we
live by that motto and infuse it in to our online venue. We aim
to inspire people towards attracting deeper love and happiness
through a unique approach. Our process enables a more
authentic understanding of self, which in turn helps to ignite
and attract a like-minded partner and life. We design questions
that allow people to share their greater visions towards life, as
well as questions that reveal insight into who they truly are.

This season we know better who we are,
what we truly stand for and see for ourselves.

And who we truly are most probably differs from the old rules set
forth by society. The time has come to let go of those old belief
systems, and statistic-based images of who we want to date
and love. Let’s rewrite the scripts we’ve been programmed to
believe, open ourselves up and set forth a unique and personally
inspiring romantic storyline. It can be almost anything as long
as it’s motivated by a deeper and more creative vision, as well
as one in line with a greater understanding of self. A story that
most importantly connects us to purpose.

This season we know better who we are, what we truly stand
for and see for ourselves. It may have been challenging to live
by our unique purposes in the past, fearing being different, but
not any longer. For this is the new dawn for re-creating our lives
and living from a place of inspiration, capacity and potential.

Our capacities for love and life are huge! We have the capacity
to live and love beyond that which we imagined. Our potentials
lay un-leashed inside, seeking oxygen, purpose and release.
And when activated, our potentials are unlimited.

It means we have to cope
creatively with the challenges that
ultimately appear.

How can we activate this piece inside of ourselves that seeks
abundance and miraculous living? How can we reach the place
of spirit that knows how to transcend the limited beliefs of our
mind and soar for greatness in spite of our fears? I feel it happens
when it’s triggered by a like-minded source. For example, if
spirit is filled with natural instinctual joy and creativity, then
it must become activated when it’s matched with like energy.
Have you ever attended an inspirational lecture, read a great
book, or visited a place that triggered something within you
beyond tangible measure? Have you noticed that in certain
places or with certain people your energy is uplifted and
unlimited whereas other places or people prompt the opposite
reaction? This is, in my opinion, spirit guiding us either where
we’re supposed to be, or supposed to be away from.

This season it is time for us to become fully aware of
these distinctions and commit to a life where our spirits
are alive and happy! Love can be the greatest source for
this feeling of aliveness. But somehow the process of
relationship seen in mainstream society and practised in
the past gets in the way, blocking us from feeling free to
be ourselves. I recently learned of a statistic that states
people are more afraid of public speaking than they are of
dying. This implies the great fear people experience when
presenting themselves in front of another and especially
on an intimate level. To reveal ourselves intimately
sparks fear of judgment and rejection, blocking us from
expressing our true selves; forcing us to follow a pattern
of behaviour set forth by an external source that knows
very little about our unique natures and potentials.
Women are afraid to express themselves emotionally to
men most of the time and men, I’m sure, follow similar
fears and patterns dictated by the masses that all aim to
deter us from authenticity and true expressionism.

This is the season to release those beliefs and freely pursue
the life we dream of. We are in charge of our romantic
destinies, not society and not the media. We are now ready
to attract our destiny mates, which represents a vision of
future possibility versus repetitive past. The concept of
meeting our destiny mate probes us in to action towards
forward thinking, reaching a vision of who we want to be
and the life we want to have. It extends beyond a limited
picture of what we’ve known and experienced or heard in
the past.

If you are like me you may have realised that the rules
regarding relationship practised by most of western
culture do not serve to satisfy everyone’s potentials,
capacities and unique destinies. They seem more driven
by mind and logic, versus spirit and creativity. A creative
approach to love implies thinking outside the box and
being creative in how we perceive our role. It means we
have to cope creatively with the challenges that ultimately
appear. It means we also have to be creative in our
reactions. For me, creativity is the greatest resource we
have moving forward in today’s world. It is the best way to
move past our disappointments, and our personal battles,
and see everything from a new light and new place of
understanding. For this is the season for true change and
true empowerment.



As previously published in the: Yoga Magazine

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